Research & Development

Research & Development

Our R&D Team is a group of highly skilled and experienced scientists working on complex and high- quality chemicals, intermediates and API’s to meet our client needs all while maintaining utmost data privacy and confidentiality. Driven by cutting edge R&D capabilities and governed by regulatory policies, we ensure a high rate of success, leading to a quick turn-around for delivering superior products.

We offer an array of chemistry solutions to our clients who range from multi-national companies, research facilities and niche chemistry labs to universities. Below are some of our R&D offerings:

  • Ceyone offers R&D for process optimization, hazardous chemical reactions, clean technologies, niche chemicals and many more
  • Collaborative research for NCEs and NDEs on FTE or Project basis
  • Specialize in complex carbohydrate molecules
  • Tech transfer support for plant batches
  • Capability and infrastructure to support developing and scaling up of API’s and intermediates

  • Our strength lies in the handling of Multi-step synthesis and Air & Moisture Sensitive Reactions right from a few Milligrams to Multi-Kilo quantities.
  • We mainly focus on sensitive molecules involving complex chemistry.
  • Experience with various product categories, including aliphatic & aromatic molecules, carbohydrates, nucleosides, chiral resolutions , amino acids, peptides to name a few
  • Ceyone ensures excellent customer support to all our clients all while ensuring transparency, accountability, privacy and high-quality API’s and intermediates

  • We support companies and research facilities with process development of successful Drug substance candidates
  • Drug substance manufacture for Pre-clinical as well as Clinical trials under GMP conditions
  • We ensure confidentiality, clear documentation and offer regulatory support

  • We help with transferring the process developed on a bench scale to commercial production efficiently and seamlessly
  • We first vet the process in our Pilot plant, whose reaction capacities range from 50 to 500 liters
  • With production plant located in the port-city of Vishakhapatnam, we ensure timely export of finished API’s and intermediates

  • Our R&D team is equipped with all the facilities needed to conduct high quality research and a working environment that fosters innovation.
  • The research facility covers over 20,000 square feet, with over 20 Fume hoods of various types, benches with granite counter tops, spot extractors and a wide variety of glassware offering clean chemistry services. API’s, intermediates as well as fine chemicals]
  • Holistic approach with rapid development

Modes of Association

Ceyone aims to utilize its expanding infrastructure and world-class scientists to provide a consistent and reliable partner throughout a product's life cycle. We offer a holistic approach to our services with a trifecta of quality, performance and cost combining both CRO and niche chemistry services. We offer various kinds of collaboration

  • Full-time Equivalent Basis collaboration - Traditional FTE, Hybrid FTE and managed hours FTE
  • Project Based association
  • We offer various forms of collaboration
  • Joint Collaboration

We offer the below on any form of collaboration:

  • Weekly status reports on specified days and teleconferences on periodic basis as per needs
  • Project coordinator accessible round the clock
  • Detailed report within 3-5 weeks on completion of project covering experimental details like Synthetic Scheme, Raw Materials & Stepwise Process
  • Development history of process on parameters and conditions
  • Process safety information and Compliance to local law and environment
  • Suggestion for further improvement (if any) and Literature References

We have charted new paths to
critical reactions


Some of the molecules that we worked on

(Telbivudine Intermediate)
Fondaparinux intermediate
Apalutamide/ ARN-509
New Chemical Entity for Drug Discovery
(for an MNC)
New Chemical Entity for Drug Discovery
(for an MNC)
Antisense Nucleoside Intermediate
Antisense Nucleoside Intermediate
2 Ammino 2 (trifluoromethyl)benzenethiol

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